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Assembly Line Self-Replicating Systems

For Konrad Zuse "self-replicating systems" were an advanced manufacturing concept that he envisioned in 1957. With this concept he wanted to achieve the electromechanical automation of manufacturing processes to implement customized building projects. He presented the idea of a universal factory, which gets raw materials and energy as input and has various products as output. A universal factory could be capable to produce its own means of production by itself and reproduce itself. The fabrication parts could be self-produced in an automated manufacturing process. Such a process would have to self-produce the respective parts as well as conduct their assembly in a closed unit. Such a manufacturing system could be a self-reconstructing machine. This machine could always reproduce its own structure. Zuse further mentions by reaching this level of technology the manufacturing processes could be influenced in such a way, that increasingly complex manufacturing facilities would arise.

View the technical drawings of the Assembly Line Self-Replicating Systems.
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